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Pipe Scanners

This platform is perfect for portable applications. Its compact form-factor features the right balance of screen size, keypad and battery autonomy. The convenient scroll-wheel is ideally designed for easy menu navigation, fast cursor movement and precise parameter adjustment. And the black aluminum body and rubber pads make it suited for field inspections.


The PragmaLite is designed for ruggedness, fan-less operation, modularity and compact size. We gave it a shape nobody has, with a screen that is optimally oriented for large scrolling or multi-pane data. So it’s not another industrial PC packaged with rubber corners. It’s a PragmaLite !



The platform can be used with several cartridges: one cartridge per NDT modality. So one day you can inspect with phased array, then the next day it can be EMAT or eddy current or something else. Ideal to minimize costs, training time and hassle to deal with many instruments or suppliers.



The scroll-wheel and keypad were designed to make the navigation easy and fluid throughout the user interface. They’re over-molded with rubber and they have a nice « click » feeling, so it’s well-suited for operation with gloves full of dirt or couplant (or simply food).



We decided to carve the frame in bare aluminum with 3mm walls and durable black powder coating. Then we added rubber pads and sealing. Plus we decided to be the first ones to add a scratch-proof chemically-enhanced glass just like the iPhone’s. The only thing it won’t resist is your love.