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Orthomatic 60

A wide range of scanners for the most adapted solution

PRAGMA offers a wide range of scanner for NDT applications. We have pipe scanners, lab scanners, specialized scanners, manual or automated. Pick a section to get an idea of what we have to offer.

PAUT Weld Scanner with 4 probes and chain

Circumferencial Weld Scanners

With more than 10 weld scanners available and many possible customization, we can provide you with the best solution for your weld inspection. We have chain based scanners, magnetic scanners, automated or manual scanners, one or two axis encoded scanners and low profile scanners. From 0.5 in diameter pipes up to big vessels. Detail your requirements and we will guide you to the best suited scanner for your inspections.


Motorized Pipe Scanners

Motorized solutions for corrosion mapping or weld inspection. Our motorized scan solutions can be customized for different applications and technologies.


Lab Scanners

PRAGMA manufactures lab scanners with up to 3-axis encoders. These fix setups are best suited for immersion inspection, research or education. PRAGMA also provides immersion tanks. Tanks and scanners can work from an area of 0.6m by 0.6m and up to 1.2m by 1.2m.

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OrthoTank 120
OrthoDrive for motorized applications
Flange Scanner

Flange Scanner

The Flange Scanner uses Phased Array UT technology to inspect the integrity of the raised face of a variety of ferrous flanges. The scanner is capable of determining the presence of corrosion on the raised face of either one or both connected flanges without the need to remove the bolts or disassemble the flanges, eliminating downtime. This encoded scanner also allows for accurate repeatable inspections for monitoring known defects.

Bolt Scanner

Bolt Scanner

The Bolt Scanner is an encoded orbiting scanner that provides a practical solution for corrosion extent monitoring and crack detection, providing clear images showing bolt thread condition. Inspection is performed without removal of the bolts or studs, thus eliminating downtime and enabling on site inspection. Since the scanner is encoded it allows for accurate repeatable inspections for monitoring known defects

Motorized scanner with low profile probe

Pressure Vessel Scanners

To scan big areas or difficult to access areas, we have motorized scanners with 2-axis encoders to meet your need. Equipped with strong magnetic wheels, you can remotely control the scanner and perform a full-coverage scan using the most advanced phased array technology.