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PragmaPod with Phased Array Cartridge


This platform was engineered for scanner-mounted instrumentation. It’s essentially a docking for a standard cartridge in order to allow remote control using Ethernet. Because it has no display or battery, it’s smaller than a PragmaLite. However, it’s got the same connectors plus industrial inputs and outputs.

OrthoDrive for motorized applications


If your inspection is automated, the PragmaPod will bring instrumentation close to the moving search unit(s). That will reduce the cable length significantly, which will improve signal quality, simplify the umbilical, and avoid accidents that can damage your probe(s).


The platform can be used with several cartridges: one cartridge per NDT modality. So one day you can inspect with phased array, then the next day it can be EMAT or eddy current or something else. Ideal to minimize costs, training time and hassle to deal with many instruments or suppliers.

PragmaPod Platform with UT200 Cartridge
PragmaPod Platform
PragmaPod with ETi200 (Eddy Current)


Because it uses the same cartridge system, you can develop and qualify an inspection procedure on the PragmaLite, then simply take the cartridge and put it on the PragmaPod for field inspection. The essential variables will follow along! This is a great advantage to reduce overall costs and calendar time, from idea to inspection.


Aluminium Element


The frame is machined in aluminum with 3mm walls and is painted with durable black powder coating. It can be mounted on any VESA-type support with 4 screws. The connector flaps are also machined, sealed and screwable, for improved protection on the field.

Channels 16 actives, 128 multiplexed
Pulser +/-100V (200Vpp), Bipolar Square Wave
Maximum Burst Cycles 5 cycles
Max. Pulse Repetition 5 to 5000 Hz, manually
Pulse Width 40 to 1000ns
Pulser Delay 0 to 10.2us, 2.5ns step
Max. Nb of Focal Laws 512
Amplitude Calibration Static per probe element
Dynamic per beam (ACG)
Dynamic Focusing Up to 5 zones
PAUT Probe I-PEX 30046
Encoders LEMO 9-pin model
Input/Output FGG.0B.309
Channels 16 actives, 128 Multiplexed
Max. Signal Input Amplitude 625 mVpp
Input Impedance 50 Ohms
Input Bandwidth 0.5 to 25 MHz at -3 dB
Gain 0 to 92 dB
Receiver Delay 0 to 10.2 us, 2.5 ns step
Digitizing Filters 6 presets, user adjustable
Rectification Full, unipolar +/-, RF
Dimensions 160 x 200 x 45 mm
(6.3 x 7.8 x 1.9 in.)
Weigth 0.45 kg (1.8 lb)
Operating Temperature -10 to 40 C (14 to 104 F)