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Every solution at PRAGMA starts by choosing the appropriate platform. The platform is the user interface, the instrument which can drive many NDT technologies. The different technologies (UT, PAUT, ECT) are all contained in cartridges, which are interchangeable between the different platforms.



The PragmaPro is based on a modular cartridge technology and supports various NDT instrument modalities  such as UT, PAUT, ECT and many more. This new platform  and the new cartridges are based on a machined, powder-coated aluminum frame for shock-proofness, best sealing qualities and maximum heat dissipation. This is practical to extend the outdoor temperature range and/or to extend the power injected in the transducers.

The PragmaPro platform is reusing the same UNITOP rubberized man-machine interface that made the PRAGMA products unique. In addition, it features 8 scroll wheels that are intended for the fastest operation of the menu system and direct control over parameters. The combined capabilities of the multi-touch and the scroll wheels will satisfy both the younger and older generations of NDT technicians.

The PragmaPro is aiming at a very wide range of applications, such as weld scanning, corrosion mapping and composite testing.

PragmaLite Platform


This platform is perfect for portable applications. It is very compact and lightweight. An ergonomic keypad and scroll-wheel let you easily control the device even in dirty environments. The chassis is rugged, a mix of rubber and aluminium. It can be battery powered or wired. The user interface has been specially designed for easy menu navigation and simplicity.

PragmaPod Platform


This platform is engineered for scanner-mounted applications. It is equipped with industrial inputs and outputs. The Platform is rugged and small, plus compatible with all PRAGMA cartridges. Remote control is done by using an Ethernet port.