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The PAUT 32/128 is our cartridge for advanced phased array and mono/TOFD. It features 32 active channels, multiplexing over 128 elements, up to 1 GHz sampling per channel, and many other advanced features.

Probe compatibility

The cartridge features an I-PEX connector with standard pinout, offering PAUT probe compatibility with other brands.

I-PEX connector

200 Volts

Our state-of-the-art bipolar square-wave pulser is adjustable up to 200 Volts. That extra power sends more ultrasound energy in the material, to improve sensitivity or penetrate deeper.


Up to 1 GHz

The 4 independent mono-channels can sample up to 1 GHz, which allows for high-frequency transducers and new applications.

Up to 3000 Beams

Up to 3000 Beams (focal laws)

The beamformer can execute up to 3000 beams (focal laws) at a rate up to 30 kHz, which allows for super high-resolution imaging and/or extended volume coverage. It also provides a strong backbone for more advanced beamforming capabilities like FMC, TFM and Excitelet (options).

Phased Array (PAUT) 32 active channels, multiplexed on 128 elements
PAUT Connector I-PEX 200 pins, compatible with other brands
Conventional/Mono (UT) 4 independent channels, allowing any TX/RX combination
UT Connectors 4x LEMO_00
Encoders and IOs 1x LEMO 9 pins
High-Voltage Supply Adjustable from 30 to 200 Vpp
Pulse Width Adjustable from 20 to 1000 ns
Pulse Shape Bipolar Square Wave
Output Impedance Less than 30 Ohms
Trigger Free-running or on encoder position
Input Impedance 50 Ohms
Analog Gain Adjustable from 0 to 92 dB (also for TCG)
Analog Bandwidth 0.5 to 30 MHz (-3 dB)
Element Calibration Relative gain for each probe element
Angle-Corrected Gain (ACG) Relative gain for each beam (focal law)
Time-Corrected Gain (TCG) Up to 16 points, per beam (focal law)
Type Standard Delay-and-Sum, Ready for FMC, TFM and Excitelet (options)
Delay Resolution 2.0 ns in TX and RX
Scan Type Sectorial and Linear
Number of Beams (Focal Laws) Up to 3000 total
Number of Beamsets (groups) Up to 16
Active Elements Up to 32, contiguous
Total Elements 128, on up to 8x probes (with adaptors)
Digitizing Frequency 125 MHz (PAUT), up to 1 GHz (Mono)
Sampling Quantification 12 bits per channel
Max Rate 30 kHz (C-scan)
Number of Data Points Max 16,535 per A-scan
Real-Time Averaging 2 to 64
Rectification RF, Full Wave, Half Wave +, Half Wave –
Filtering Digital filter (fully adjustable), 5x presets
Video Filtering Optimal Decimation
Dimensions and Weight 120 x 190 x 68 mm (WxHxT) (4.7 x 7.5 x 2.7 in.), 1.0 kg (2.4 lbs)
Operating Temperature -10 to +45 C (14 to 113 F) typical
Storage Temperature -20 to +70 C (-4 to 158 F)
Relative Humidity 0 to 90 % noncondensing, Designed for IP66 and MIL-STD-810G 507.5
Rain and Sand Proofness Designed for IP66 and MIL-STD-810G 506.5/510.5
Shockproof Rating Designed for MIL-STD-810G 516.6