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PAUT, EMAT and EDC cartridges

A wide range of technologies for your inspections

We offer four cartridges for multi-modality inspections: UT400, PAUT 16/128, PAUT 32/128 and ETI200. All cartridges are compatible with PragmaPro, PragmaLite and PragmaPod platforms.

UT400 Ultrasound Flaw Detector Cartridge

UT400 – Ultrasonic Cartridge

This cartridge provides any PRAGMA platform with a « state of the art » flaw detector for ultrasound imaging. It has a high-performance pulser-receiver of 400 Vpp, many analog filters and plenty of gain. Already equipped with 2 encoder inputs, you can do a C-scan imaging of your part for better sizing and clearer reporting.


PAUT Phased Array Cartridge

PAUT 16/128 Phased Array Beamformer

This « state of the art » beamformer features 16 active channels, multiplexing over 128 elements, 100 MHz sampling per channel, 16-bit A-scan and many other advanced features.


PAUT 32/128 Instrument Cartridge

The PAUT 32/128 is our cartridge for advanced phased array and mono/TOFD. It features 32 active channels, multiplexing over 128 elements, 1 GHz sampling per channel, and many other advanced features.


ETi200 Eddy Current Cartridge

ETI200 Cartridge

The ETI200 is designed to offer advanced multi-frequency and multi-channel flaw detection.  Combined with the PragmaLite, it is the best solution for portable applications.  Combined with the PragmaPod, it can be used remotely for automated or specialized applications.