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Pressure vessel 5

Platforms for NDT Technologies

A platform is the main instrument necessary to drive different NDT technologies. Most technologies are available (UT, PAUT, EMAT, ECT.) You can decide which platform is best suited for your application by looking at portability and desired interface / workflow. Learn more…

PAUT, EMAT and EDC cartridges


A cartridge contains the NDT technology and it is fixed to a platform. Together they become a complete instrument. PRAGMA offer multi-modality and multi-platforms, so all cartridges are compatible with all platforms. Learn more…

Orthomatic 60 lab scanner


Scanners are useful when your inspection requires a stable setup. They can let you perform B-Scans and C-Scans, make sure your probe is set at the optimal distance during a weld inspection or speed up your inspection process drastically. We have a wide range of manual and automated scanners to cover even the most difficult application. Learn more…