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Our Ultrasound NDT Solution for Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessel 3

Key Benefits of the Solution:

  • Replaces radiography (RT), leading to improved safety, quicker turn-around time and reduced operating costs.
  • Higher Probability of Detection for vertically oriented defects when compared to radiography (RT) and conventional UT, especially in thick components.
  • Very intuitive user interface for the technicians, allowing easy transition from conventional UT to phased array UT (PAUT).
  • Reduced raster movement allows for a faster scanning speed when compared to conventional UT.
  • All data can be digitally stored for post-analysis and provides an audit option by virtue of the permanent records.
  • Possibility to switch between UT, PAUT and ToFD depending on the inspection procedure.
  • Easy to analyse reports thanks to Top View imaging (very similar to X-ray films but provides depth information).

Download Our Ultrasound NDT Solution fo Pressure Vessels Application Note



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