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Flange Scanning with PAUT

Conventional scanning methods for raised face flanges can be costly and inefficient. Unbolting and disassembling these flanges is a time consuming and expensive process, as it requires additional man-hours and downtime. In addition, manual scanning does not allow for repeatability, and human error can result in inconsistencies.

The probe configuration enables the scanner to accurately acquire the scan data from a single revolution of the flange, saving time and money. On line inspections can be performed to identify problem flanges prior to outage programs, which permits effective target repair and refurbishment. Since the FlangeScanner eliminates the requirement to unbolt and disassemble flanges there is no need to stop production, and process piping systems can remain intact and online.

The FlangeScanner has two different configurations: one for a single probe and one for double probes. When access is restricted the single probe allows the scanner to fit in smaller spaces and avoid obstructions. The double probe configuration allows both raised face flanges to be scanned simultaneously. The versatility of the FlangeScanner makes it the only scanner you will need for raised face flanges as it can scan flange sizes from #150 to #2500.

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