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Featured NDT Applications

  • Our Phased Array Ultrasound NDT Solution for Thin Wall Pipe

    In the past, thin wall piping was almost exclusively inspected with radiography. Portable ultrasonic equipment were not capable of providing recorded data and were limited by thickness. Currently and with Phased Array technology, it is entirely possible to provide audible results and inspect lower thicknesses than before. Since RT has...
  • Our PAUT Solution for Bolt Inspection

    Bolts, like any other structural component, are susceptible to defects such as corrosion and cracking. In order to comply with safety regulations and to maintain structural integrity, these bolts are required to be inspected and if defective, monitoring and/or replacement would be required. Phased array inspection using bolt scanner enables...


Latest News

  • NDT of Composites 2019

    PRAGMA is proud to be an exhibitor at the NDT of Composites 2019 conference. This conference will feature cutting-edge presentations and products, focusing on the ever-expanding use of composite materials...

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