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  • High-Temperature Thickness Monitoring with EMAT

    EMAT ultrasonic is an ideal method for thickness measurements on conductive materials. The advantages include: Dry, non-contact ultrasound generation permits inspection of very hot (up to 750˚C) and very cold materials. Lack of couplant also provides extremely reliable and repeatable inspections with micrometer accuracy. Imperviousness to surface conditions. The materials...
  • Flange Scanning with PAUT

    Conventional scanning methods for raised face flanges can be costly and inefficient. Unbolting and disassembling these flanges is a time consuming and expensive process, as it requires additional man-hours and downtime. In addition, manual scanning does not allow for repeatability, and human error can result in inconsistencies. The probe configuration...


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  • ASNT Annual Conference 2016

    Come and meet PRAGMA at the ASNT Annual Conference 2016, where the NDT world comes together! This year this major event will take place at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment...
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